Numana is 12 kilometres far from our holiday farm: a coastal town that retains its maritime origins in its upper area, where a dense network of narrow streets embraces the colourful fishermen’s houses and opens onto a wide panoramic viewpoint overlooking the sea. A ledge with a unique view that covers the entire coast of the Conero Riviera. From the town centre you can descend towards the port through the ancient path composed by big steps, the Costarella, which the fishermen travelled along every morning at dawn. There is the lower part of Numana, the most modern and lively one, full of bars, clubs and beach resorts.
Awarded with the Blue Flag 2018, it offers wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters. The history of Numana begins in ancient times: during the Neolithic period there were already human settlements. Evidence of this ancient past is preserved in the State Antiquarium, the archaeological museum where valuable archeologic evidence is exhibited. The traditions of this city are often linked to the miraculous Crucifix Christ, which is preserved in the Sanctuary of the same name. According to the tradition, it was created from those who laid the body of Christ from the cross. In any case, beyond the legend, the Crucifix remains a work of notable artistic and historic value with its Byzantine style resembling aspect.

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