In just 5 minutes, only 3 kilometres far from our holiday farm, you can reach Camerano: a village set among the hills of the Conero Riviera. Camerano is the town of underground wonders: the Underground City of Camerano is, in fact, is excavated in the sandstone and runs through the subsoil of the historic centre in a labyrinth-like path. For a long time the numerous tunnels were considered to be the rests of ancient sandy mines or spaces where wine was conserved. The explorations, the further interpretations given and the touristic paths have however unveiled the presence of architectural embellishments, bas reliefs and decorative elements that could hardly suit sandy mines or deposit spaces: vaults, circular rooms, columns with architectural taste, frieze decorations, ornamental motifs and religious symbols are the peculiarity of the whole path. Camerano is the birthplace of Rosso Conero, which you can taste at its best here. The Rosso Conero Celebration takes place every year, on the first week of September: food and drink stands, street performances and wine tastings far into the night. 

Agriturismo La Giuggiola

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