From our structure you can easily reach the Natural Park of Monte Conero, a multi-faceted park that can be visited through all its official trails, which will lead you to discover the rich Flora of over 1000 protected species, perfect habitat for thousands of Raptors that every spring they migrate making the Conero a paradise, in particular near the small lakes of Portonovo.The Parco del Conero is an excellence on the entire Adriatic coast, it is a park overlooking the sea from where you can enjoy breathtaking views that span the entire Riviera del Conero, but also visit historic sites of particular charm.The Conero, another 512 m mountain, is 5 million years old, is rich in stone quarries from which the white Conero stone was extracted, with which many buildings in the area are built.There are several corners to discover: from the towns protected by the mountain like Ancona, Camerano, Sirolo, Numana, to the various paths that penetrate the flora and fauna of the park, Walkable on foot or by mountain bike, to the bay of Portonovo with the its crystal clear waters and its history jewels like Santa Maria di Portonovo or the Torre De Bosis.



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